Our Services

Headhunting, direct search

Our service is primarily used for selecting middle and upper management executives as well as for special expert searches. In every case, we perform complex market research in the given sector. In accordance with the information revealed in detail, we proceed systematically through the identified circle of candidates who may be suitable for the position to be filled. Our clients can be sure that they will receive very useful information about the specific labour market, the background, income and motivation of those working in each position. It is important to highlight maximum discretion on both the employer and employee side. Thanks to our various successful projects, our customer relationships last for several years and it can be a guarantee for our new clients for their commitment to work with us in the future.

Advertisement search/online campaign

Our selection technique is used primarily at expert and assistant levels. It provides efficientand quick help with emerging workforce issues. The candidates who are invited to face-to-face interviews will undergo competency screening, foreign language testing, and multi-stage screening using professional / competency tests related to the position. We consider the appropriate level of decision support to be added value, as well as our personal participation in the presentation of candidates on request, furthermore, the necessary background support from both the employer and the employee side until the completion of each selection project.

HR audit

One of the most effective senior decision support tools is HR-audit. In case of organizational changes, change of manager / owner, reorganisations and other significant changes in the company, we recommend screening the individual business lines and professional areas and evaluating them from the point of view of human resources. As a result of the audit, the management gets a clearer, brighter picture of the strengths, weaknesses, motivations, future ideas, career plans and potential of the colleagues working for the company.
As a result of the performed HR audit, clarified processes and internal satisfaction will result in a more efficient organizational operation. Successful companies are aware of the importance of continuously improving their existing resources, providing support, and offering long-term perspectives. In return, they can count on a committed, motivated, results- and performance-oriented and loyal workforce.


The popularity of our coaching service has been growing in recent years. We believe that this is primarily due to being able to manage changing scenarios effectively. Challenging competitive situations reinforce the importance of a well-functioning balance of power within the company. The continuous development of individual internal resources requires the presence of a professional coaching team with a complex professional background in each company. Our coaching professionals use a wide range of tools to meet your unique needs and high expectations. The coach supports, leads and shows the way to the professionals in whom there is an internal need for change. We offer our service for both the employer and employee side.

How can the coaching process help, what is it able to improve?

● Change management
● Appropriate time management
● Communication
● Conflict management
● Project management
● Stress management
● Improving negotiation skills
● Balance between work and private life

HR consulting for employers

During our more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of corporate and HR consulting, we have participated in many projects solutions to our clients. We have gained experience in implementing and supporting HR systems, developing HR strategies, planning successions and developing individual as well as group development plans. We feel that we are well-versed to offer all of these to our existing and new clients. We make several suggestions for the given problems and as expert support we provide appropriate advice.
Please contact us so that we can introduce our services in a personal meeting, which is without any commitment.

HR consulting for employees

In many cases, there is a need for various HR consulting issues on the employee side. We provide an opportunity for individual evaluation discussions, provide feedback on the career planningline, help compile a professional CV, application materialand support job change decisions. In addition to personal interviews and counseling, we also use various ability and personality tests. You can request more information about our consulting fee at the e-mail address: info@humanandmedicwork.hu .